Hanging with the best from all world history, and second to none.



Here's a distant view of the museum display---Davis in the middle, with left and right compliments.



Her's a closer look at left compliment---Winchester



Right compliment includes fine Swiss clocks



A closeup view of the Davis museum display---featured left is application of patent to 31" broadsword.  Center features application to a 12" hand knife, accompanied by interchangeable parts.  Right side presents application of 4,458,420 to U.S. Army M-9 bayonet.


This detail from museum display emphasizes Davis' preference for using a clevis regarding application of patent, and that a clevis can be used in the M-9 bayonet hilt.  (Such emphasis does not preclude use of other attachments, a rod in particular.)



A patent document yields classification as "state-of-the-art", a point to be taken while considering the U.S. Army "Letter Requirement", as provided on the page entitled "Patent, Something Special".


Here's a small sampling of area compliments, especially hand knives.


Area compliments also include splendid, classic firearms.


And of course Davis is in company of classic swords.



A classic Revolutionary uniform helps to establish true character.



Many thanks to the good people of Oklahoma, and opportunity herein provided.